Imagine not knowing the color of a sunset…

Imagine being able to help.

Even if you have been diagnosed with cancer…

Even if you have poor eyesight…

You can still be an eye donor.

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Did you know?

In 2017, 84,297 corneal transplants were performed in the United States.

Corneal transplants have a 95+% success rate.

Since 2010, over 200 Nebraska communities had at least one corneal transplant recipient.

184 Nebraska communities had at least one eye tissue donor.

The Gift of Sight

The gift of sight restores sight and renews life, returning people to productive and active lives.

Eye tissue donation makes possible sight-saving corneal transplants, vision enhancing surgery, ocular reconstruction, and valuable research.

Your financial gift supports the Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to restoring vision by providing donor eye tissue for transplant and research and by promoting donation through education.

You Can Make a Difference
  • Thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of others around the world suffer from corneal blindness each year.
  • By donating your eye tissue after death, you may restore or improve the sight of these people.  Sight restoration makes a tremendous difference in the quality of life to those in need.
  • An eye tissue donation used in transplantation can help two people.  An eye tissue donation used in research and teaching helps thousands and can make a difference for generations to come.
What is the cornea?
  • The cornea is a “window” through which light passes into the eye.  If this living tissue becomes cloudy from disease, infection, or injury, a person’s vision is dramatically reduced.  This loss of vision compromises the quality of life.
  • Fortunately, an impaired cornea can often be replaced with a healthy cornea.  Corneal transplants (keratoplasty) are one of the most frequently performed tissue transplants.
  • Everyone can be considered for eye donation.  Your blood type does not have to match.  It does not matter whether you have cataracts, poor eyesight, or have been diagnosed with cancer.  You may still be able to donate eye tissue and give someone the precious gift of sight.