The Choice is Yours.

Writing a letter to transplant recipients is a personal choice. Corresponding with recipients may be a comfort and help during the grieving process. Most recipients find learning about their donor very meaningful.

Helpful suggestions for writing to a recipient:

  • Do not use first or last names
  • You may wish to write about your loved one, yourself and any special memories you shared
  • Place your card/note in an unsealed envelope as we review letters to ensure confidentiality and privacy
  • On a separate sheet, include your full name and address. This is used only by Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska staff and is not shared

Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska will facilitate the letter exchange to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Place all items in an envelope and send to:

Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska
Attn: Donor Family Letter
985541 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska 68198-5541

Give The Recipients Time.

Please keep in mind that correspondence may take time. Transplant recipients may have a difficult time expressing their gratitude. They can be overwhelmed knowing that their donation was a result of the loss of your loved one.

Recipients may not respond immediately and some may not respond at all.

We are available for questions and assistance: 402-559-4039 extension 2.