Our work is made possible through the generous gift of eye tissue donation.

By donating your eye tissue after death, you may restore or improve the sight of these people. Sight restoration makes a tremendous difference in the quality of life to those in need.
Corneal Transplants in the US in 2019
US Donors of Ocular Tissue in 2019
Percent Success Rate


The mission of the Lion’s Eye Bank of Nebraska is to provide the highest quality human
eye tissue for transplant to restore vision to those with corneal difficulties while
maintaining the utmost dignity and care of our donors and our donor families.


The Lion’s Eye Bank of Nebraska will grow and expand. It will improve and increase the
education of the Hospital and the medical community as well as expand communication
with our customer. Existing partnerships will be strengthened and new partnerships will
be formed to ensure that we are constantly achieving our mission.


Treat our donors and recipients with dignity and respect.
Maintain a high degree of integrity within and among our technical staff. Provide
superior, high quality tissue to our recipients.
Demonstrate respect for ourselves, each other and the community we serve.

The Gift of Sight

Eye tissue donation makes possible sight-saving corneal transplants, vision enhancing surgery, ocular reconstruction, and valuable research.

What is the Cornea?

The cornea is a “window” through which light passes into the eye.  If this living eye tissue becomes cloudy from disease, infection, or injury, a person’s vision is dramatically reduced.

Join the Nebraska Donor Registry

Involve your family and health care providers in this decision. If they are aware of your decision, they will be better prepared to honor your wishes.

Address for check donations:
Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska
985541 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5541