Was Your Loved One a Donor? Write to the Recipients

The decision to write to transplant recipients is a very personal one. For some donor families, sharing with the transplant recipient helps in their grieving process. 

You can choose whether or not you would like to write the recipient. The Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska facilitates written correspondence between transplant recipients and donor families. All correspondence is completely anonymous and identities are kept confidential. 

If you would like to write to the transplant recipients, you may send a card or letter. 

Please Follow These Guidelines:

Provide General, Anonymous Information:

  • Include a Cover Sheet with your name, address and the name of the donor.
  • Place the card or letter in an unsealed envelope. 
  • Do not include the last name of the donor or your last name, address, phone number.

Mail to: 

Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska 
985541 Nebraska Medical Center 
Omaha, NE 68198-5541

Allow extra time:

The Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska coordinator will first review your card or letter to ensure confidentiality. The recipient(s) will then be notified and offered the option of receiving the letter. 

Will I hear from the recipient? 

You may or may not receive a response from them. Many transplant recipients have said that they are overwhelmed with emotion and have difficulty expressing their gratitude in words. Others may take months or even years before they feel comfortable writing to their donor family. 

For any further questions on contacting a donor or recipient, please call the Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska (NE only) at 800.225.7244 or 402.559.4039.